Christmas 1999
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Christmas 1999

Merry Christmas and greetings from Oregon!

It has been a year of many changes for us. So much has happened, and we are very grateful to the Lord for carrying us through so much.

For most of this year, Sang was working in the human resource department at a local private school. During this time, she finished her HR certification program at Portland State University. Ray has now worked as a process engineer for almost 3 years at TriQuint Semiconductor. Business is going well there, and his usual assignment is to oversee equipment and processes that work to produce semiconductor chips.

This past June, we were able to travel back to Chicago to see old friends and family. Ray was glad to be able to watch a Cubs game, though the year did not turn out too well for the team.RaySangVancouver97.jpg (8101 bytes)

We were also able to move from an apartment into a house. It all was a great blessing from the Lord. Back in April this past year, we initially signed for a house to be built. It would have been completed before Thanksgiving. During that time we waited with eager anticipation as it was being built. But in October, five months into the construction, we were informed that a mistake was made during the construction of the house that could not be fixed. We were unable to reach an agreeable resolution with the builder, and so we had to cancel the contract. We were very disappointed after waiting for so long, but by God’s grace within a week we were able to find another house that was slightly more in price but much larger in size. And we were still able to move in before Thanksgiving! Now Ray is looking forward to doing gardening, while Sang is enjoying the extra room to move about.

The big news for this year is that we are expecting the birth of our first child. We know it will be a boy, and the due date is December 31. This was part of the reason we wanted to purchase and move into a house as soon as possible. Sang is currently doing well, as we wait for the baby’s arrival.

We hope things have gone well for you this past year, and we pray the Christmas season is a blessed one for you. Please keep in touch. We hope to have good news to share by New Year’s.

Ray & Sang