Christmas 2000
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Christmas 2000

Dear Friends,

Greetings and Happy Holidays!  This past year has been packed with wonderful blessings and some trials.  Our transition into parenthood was difficult at first, but by God’s grace we have weathered though those changes.   We have enjoyed watching our son, Joshua, explore the world around him in his first year of life.  It has been a blessing to watch him learn so much in such a short time.  He is an active, friendly 11-month-old – who is curious about everything.  He loves remote controls, music, cheerios, emptying out cabinets and bags, and climbing stairs.  He keeps us very busy.

While adjusting to life with the baby, the past year was filled with other new experiences.  We continued to become more settled into our new house.  We’ve worked on our yard, planting a variety of flowers and vegetables, and have purchased a couple of new beds to accommodate any friends passing through town. J   The house is very close to Ray’s work, so he is able to frequently join Sang and Joshua for lunch.  This past year we traveled back to Chicago a couple of times to see friends and family, and also to give everyone a chance to meet Joshua.  In August, we traveled to Hawaii for a week to attend Ray’s cousin’s wedding.  Joshua was very cooperative, so we all enjoyed the time spent with relatives, at the beach, and sight seeing.

Ray has been working at TriQuint Semiconductor for more than 4 years now.  The company has done well, his responsibilities have grown, and he has built some good relationships there.  God has graciously provided for our family through Ray’s job, so that Sang can stay at home with Joshua.  The change from working outside the home to working at home is difficult for Sang sometimes, but it is worth it as she watches Joshua grow.  Sang takes Joshua to weekly Gymboree baby classes and is involved with the English Family small group at church.

This holiday season we will be heading back to Chicago to enjoy Christmas and Joshua’s first birthday with our family.  Ray will also be helping out at the Urbana 2000 Missions Conference held at our old alma mater – the University of Illinois.

We hope you will enjoy a blessed Christmas and experience God’s love for you this coming new year!


 Ray, Sang and Joshua Chan