Christmas 2002
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Christmas 2002

Greetings from Oregon and Merry Christmas!  We hope all is well with you.  Our year was filled with traveling and exploring different places across the country. Early in the summer, we drove down to the Bay Area for a friend’s wedding.  We then made the semiannual trip back to Chicago to visit friends and family.  And not to leave the East forgotten, early in the fall we flew to the Washington DC area to attend another friend’s wedding.  While on the East Coast, we also made a road trip to the New York area to visit relatives.  We were pleasantly surprised how much Joshua enjoyed traveling from place to place, and we look forward to more highway trips in the future.  As we look back at this year, we’ll fondly recall images of San Francisco Bay, the Statue of Liberty, Capitol Hill, and panda bears at the National Zoo. 

For Ray, work has become quite busy in recent months - good news given the current economy.  Earlier in the year, I was busy with our church’s purchase of and move to a larger site that will better meet the needs of the church in coming years.  At home, our family project during the summer was to build several flowerbeds around the house.  Joshua helped out using his hand shovel and pail, and he had a lot of fun planting tulip and daffodil bulbs.  I’ve also continued to have fun taking pictures with our digital and film cameras.  And there have been ample of opportunities to take photos with the different guests we’ve had, our travels across the country, and Joshua’s every move. 

Joshua is almost 3 years old now.  He has grown in so many ways this past year.  His most recent achievement is his potty training success!  Joshua enjoys playing with animals, watching Disney movies, and riding his tricycle. He likes “school” time and going to the library to get “new” books and videos.  But most of all he likes running around and wrestling with Ray.  It is a great joy to interact with him daily as he experiences the world around him. 

Sang is enjoying her time as a mom and wife.  God has been gracious in allowing me this time in life to invest energy into my family.  I love watching Joshua grow and experience new things.  We keep busy with weekly playgroup sessions for Joshua, a Mom’s group Bible Study for me, and a daily morning session of home schooling. Joshua has grown more independent and has freed some time for Ray and I to spend time together as a couple.  This past June, my dad was hospitalized for a month. He had major intestinal surgery and had a long, difficult recovery. With the aid of friends in Chicago to share in the care of Joshua, I had the opportunity to support my parents during this time.  Life is precious and so is family.

We’ll be spending Christmas in Chicago again this year.  As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we feel very blessed to have friends and family like you, and we pray you have a wonderful Christmas. 

Ray, Sang, & Joshua