Christmas 2003
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Christmas 2003

Greetings and Merry Christmas!

Another year has gone by quickly again.  We didnít travel as much this year as the year before, but we did have a few adventurous weekends visiting local sites.  Since Joshua is a bit older now, we have been able to do some Oregon camping a few times this summer.  Joshua didnít like the ever-present mosquitoes, but he did enjoy hiking around and sleeping in a tent.  We hope to do more next summer.

As for Ray, he has now been working at TriQuint Semiconductor for more than seven years now.  For the entire year, my main project has been to develop a new manufacturing process to better connect semiconductor chips to the outside world.  Iíve also continued to keep busy helping out with things at our church.  This past year, Iíve continued to take many photos Ė Joshua often being the subject.  I also bought a telescope that came in handy while we were camping.  I was in awe by the numerous galaxies I could see with it.

For Sang, with the unstable economy in Oregon, many of my closer stay-at-home mom friends have moved due to their husbandsí job relocation.  I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to meet with them regularly, to learn from them, to share in our childrenís play dates, and to enjoy their fellowship and support.  It has been a year of transition for me of learning how to let go and move forward to forge new friendships.  Iíve taken on weight training and enjoyed spending time in the gym.

Joshua will be turning 4 in January.  This past fall, he started preschool.  He spends 3 hours a day there, and has made several new friends.  His favorite activities are outdoor recess, music, and show-n-tell Fridays.  This past year Joshua also served as the Bible bearer and ring boy at two different weddings.  We were so proud of him!

This Christmas, weíll be traveling back to Chicago again to be with our families.  Afterwards, Ray will be helping out again at the Urbana Missions Conference, and Sang and Joshua will be traveling with her parents to Florida. 

We hope all is well with you, and we wish you blessing from the Lord this New Year. 

Ray, Sang, & Joshua