Christmas 2004
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Christmas 2004

Greetings and Merry Christmas! 

We hope you are doing well.  It was a busy year at our house.  Joshua continued to grow so quickly before our eyes.  Ray was busy with many things at work and home.  And the big news of the year for us was getting ready for the birth of our second child Serena.

Serena Autumn Chan was born on September 7.  She weighed just 5 pounds 10 ounces and was a healthy baby girl.  She soon put on a bit of weight, and she’s now more than 11 pounds.  Joshua has warmed up to her presence and has blossomed in his role as the big brother.  Though we are changing diapers and are short on sleep again, it is all worth it whenever we get to enjoy a smile from Serena’s face. 

Joshua will soon be 5 years old after New Year’s.  He is a bright, talkative, and thoughtful little boy who loves pre-school, his sister, and singing.  He enjoys playing board games and sword fighting with his mom and wrestling and tossing the ball with is dad.  Earlier in the year he was into insects.  Then he moved on to Hot Wheels.  Now he’s into sea creatures, and I think I see Legos in the horizon…

Ray continues to work as a process engineer at TriQuint Semiconductor.  Though the economy was “slow”, I was quite occupied with work often leaving Sang on her own watching Joshua and managing the second pregnancy.  A highlight for the year was being able to head back to Chicago during the summer for a close friend’s wedding while at the same time traveling with friends from Oregon and showing them the sights and great food the city has to offer.  This year I retired my first digital camera for a new digital SLR one; photography continues to be a fun hobby for me especially since I now have 2 photogenic kids. 

For Sang, the year started out with a fun trip to Disney World with my parents and Joshua.  During this vacation, I found out I was pregnant with Serena.  Though the pregnancy was difficult because I was nauseated for the first 3 months and was on ordered bed rest for the final 6 weeks, the delivery and recovery went smoothly.  It was also wonderful to share Serena’s birth with my folks who stayed for 6 weeks to help us with the transition.  Amidst the daily challenge of raising 2 children now, I am enjoying motherhood the second time around.

This year we’ll be spending just our second Christmas in Oregon.  We are looking forward to a quiet time together as a family to celebrate our Lord’s birth.  We’ve already had fun cutting down and setting up a Christmas tree.  May God bless you in the year to come!


Ray, Sang, Joshua, and Serena